Bear Town Gifts Corporate Gift-Giving

Building Relationships Corporate gift-giving is a way of recognizing business relationships, loyal customers and exemplary employees. By creating a gift-giving policy (within the guidelines permitted within your industry and the value of gifts your employees receive), you can protect your company’s reputation.   You may want to set a dollar value limit on gifts perContinue reading “Bear Town Gifts Corporate Gift-Giving”

DMFB Sessions | Digital Marketing For Business

There are over 40 sessions for the Digital Marketing For Business Conference. Attendees can attend any session and any track | DMFB Sessions Source: Small Business Track – marketing types, setup options, & typical results The Small Business track helps business owners and managers to discover new marketing options, how they work, and typicalContinue reading “DMFB Sessions | Digital Marketing For Business”

Passion, Healthy Life, Dream Vacations, Goals. How much do you want it?

Personal Goals MAY 1, 2015    LEAVE A COMMENT    EDIT  Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Personal Goals Email This Blog Share to TwitterShare to Facebook  Share to Pinterest Let’s face it, most of us women grew up without really knowing a lot about life, budgeting, what to do in college, what options are available, how to find our passions.Continue reading “Passion, Healthy Life, Dream Vacations, Goals. How much do you want it?”