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Corporate Gifts
Corporate Office Gift

Corporate gift-giving is a way of recognizing business relationships, loyal customers and exemplary employees. By creating a gift-giving policy (within the guidelines permitted within your industry and the value of gifts your employees receive), you can protect your company’s reputation.


You may want to set a dollar value limit on gifts per gift. A clear policy allows you to define parameters and to use the policy as an easy method to decline inappropriate gifts without risk of offending your customer, vendor or team relationships. Giving to the entire office or department is a method of sharing that will not offend anyone and not give the appearance of favoritism.

Why Worry about Gift-Giving

Industry-Specific : A policy on gifts is especially important if your business is in a regulated industry including healthcare, finance, government office. These industries/government offices have a set dollar value on gifts, such as a maximum of $20- $25 per gift and even per year. You should never allow the appearance of receiving a kickback which may influence regulated decisions. For example, a healthcare professional must not accept large gifts from a pharmaceutical company, because it might give the appearance of the company professional being bribed to prescribe certain medication. When in doubt, it’s best to create a no-gift policy. Many healthcare staff cannot even accept pens or small gift items from vendors. The penalties for kickbacks are extremely heavy, and these businesses don’t risk even the appearance of inappropriate gifts.

Coffee Gift-Basket Settng Policy on Elaborate Gifts to/from Customers

Setting a policy about what you or your company send to or receive from vendors or customers helps keep relationships professional. You don’t want your customers to feel beholden after receiving extravagant gifts, or to feel bad about declining such gifts. Having a corporate policy can be used as the basis for declination of a lavish gift. You or your appreciative customers may still offer you or your employees small well-thought out gifts, but make sure they comply with regulations for your industry.

Elaborate Gift Giving 

Keep in mind that expensive gifts can be seen as bribery.  Rules and guidelines for giving gifts, cash rewards help protect your your and your company’s image. It’s not only outsiders who suspect bribery at the sight of expensive gifts might influence decisions. therefore a corporate gift-giving policy takes this concern off the table.

Gifts Between Employees: There’s a fine line between customer/vendor relationships . You can’t regulate what work friends give each other on personal time, but you can set rules of ethics with work-related gift-giving events.Provide rules for dollar value limits and ensure that participation is optional. If gift giving is done in the office, make sure everyone understands that all items should be work appropriate.

Feds Tell Insurers To Pay For Anesthesia During Screening Colonoscopies

Most people are anesthetized during colonoscopy. Federal law mandates that the cancer test itself must be fully covered by insurers, but quite a few of them didn’t pay for anesthesia.
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Source: www.npr.org

Check your insurance policy!

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DMFB Sessions | Digital Marketing For Business

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Small Business Track – marketing types, setup options, & typical results

The Small Business track helps business owners and managers to discover new marketing options, how they work, and typical results. You will discover new marketing ideas, typical results, and tips about how to maximize the limited time and resources available. This is your opportunity to find new ways to grow your business and profit more. Some of the sessions include:

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Passion, Healthy Life, Dream Vacations, Goals. How much do you want it?

Personal Goals

 Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Personal Goals

Let’s face it, most of us women grew up without really knowing a lot about life, budgeting, what to do in college, what options are available, how to find our passions.
So, one of my goals is to give guidance to the little women in my life. I want them to know that they can do whatever they put their minds to, that they can accomplish so much more than I ever dreamed possible. The fact is that my life has pretty much been haphazardly planned, until I reached 35 and realized I could make my own decisions. I was educated, intelligent in  many ways not just intellectually, outgoing, fun, spontaneous (sometime to my own detriment) and I started thinking about what I wanted the rest of my life to look like. So I began planning. At the beginning, around 1994-95, I started with an annual plan of what I wanted to accomplish the following year.
I included things like:
Travel – My bucket list of trips prioritized,
Books I wanted to read,
Classes and courses I wanted to take,
Short and long term financial goals.
  1. One year
  2. 5 year
  3. 10 year
  4. Retirement

This is such a great article, I needed to share and use as a guide: http://cardisa.hubpages.com/hub/10-Great-Personal-Goals-To-Set-This-Year

 Great Personal Goals to Achieve This Year – here are a few.

  1. Make every day count. Don’t take it for granted, live every day like it was your last.
  2. Stop thinking about what’s gone and think about tomorrow. When you do this you are looking ahead. Every time you think of yesterday consciously break your thought and fantasize about tomorrow.
  3. Do something really crazy that you are sure someone will find odd. Nothing illegal.

My Own Personal Goals for 2014

Last year I achieved most of the personal goals I set.

  1. Dream vacation – Sailing the Greek Isles
  2. Go outside my box, or basket as it may be and open my mind to a boyfriend. I was hesitant about this because I’ve been enjoying my independence, but it’s been years and about time.
  3. Give an experience
  4. Live a healthier lifestyle
  5. Buy a boat
  6. Keep only positive people around me with positive energies.

How did my goals for 2014 work out, you ask?

  • I found a great guy, no more need to look.
  • I bought the boat with my sailor (thank goodness he knows how to sail since I have no clue which way the wind blows!).
  • I sailed the Greek Isles with a group called Her Dream Vacation – awesome trip and
  • I’m giving my niece, Bethany and my nephew, Danny a trip to Italy, Spain and France and of course I’m going too. I also need to set up experiences for the other 6 nieces and nephews or I’ll be in trouble!

Oh Captain, My Captain…LOL. He was too cute.

I’m still struggling with the Healthier Lifestyle – love my good ‘unhealthy’ foods, wine, partying and having fun…so need to put this on next years list 🙂

How about setting your goals! What do you really, really want and how hard are you willing to work for it? What are you willing to give up?

Do you know if you don’t buy that cup of coffee everyday (make it at home) or pack your lunch, you can save that money and go on almost any vacation you want to?

Remember, it’s not always how much you earn, but how much you save.

All it takes is a thought, writing them down and following through. You can change and modify your goals to suit your needs during the year. Sometimes they’re really what you want and then again, sometimes not. The concept is easy and just start with a checklist. Make the call, write that letter, look for classes, dream your dream vacation and then check each goal as you accomplish it.
After you finish this one, set out next year for another 10 or 5 or 2, whatever you feel you nee. If there was a goal on the list that you didn’t accomplish or felt it would take too much time, just pass on it or transfer it to the new list .
Aim high, write the goals down and they become so much more tangible, I promise you it really works – go for it – little goals, big goals, life goals, finances, education or love. The sky’s the limit!
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